Pruning Mistakes that can Kill Your Trees

Pruning is one of the ways to show our love and care for our trees. By pruning, we can remove parts of trees that are dying and decaying. We can stop diseases from spreading, and we can maintain the shape of our trees. Pruning our trees is essential, especially when storms will hit our place. It will help us prepare our trees for the damages the storm will bring. Aside from that, pruning will protect our property from uprooted trees. Pruning our trees will also help us prevent wild animals from entering our homes. The branches of our trees might reach our roofs, and it will be the gateway of wild animals and insects to enter our attics.? 

We are fully aware of the benefits we can get if we prune our trees. Thus, we should not forget to do so regularly. We should not forget to contact professional tree care services to do the job. However, many tree owners do not entertain the idea of letti8ng professionals do the pruning and tree care services. Most of them think that they can do the job and wasting money on professional tree care services is not worth it. But, if you have this thing in mind, better read this article. Professional?tree trimming Oakland CA?is a professional company that wants the best for your trees. They do not want you to spend your money for nothing. Hence, they are well-known for providing quality outputs and ensuring that your trees are at their bests. Surely, you can say that you are in good hands with their team! 

If you love to prune your trees alone, we have here the pruning mistakes you should keep in mind. These pruning mistakes might put your trees in danger. If you are uncomfortable doing the job, better call our team. 

  • One of the most common pruning mistakes is pruning at the wrong time. Avoid pruning during the fall season Since pruning will let your trees generate new growth, it will become useless when the temperature decreases. Also, we should not cut the flower buds and leaves. Once the winter is over, you will not have flowers to bloom during the spring. Apart from that, avoid pruning when your trees are vulnerable to diseases and pests. Cutting branches, limbs, and parts of your trees at the wrong time will cause death, especially when airborne diseases are spreading.? 
  • We should also prune correctly. Usually, when we do not have skills and training, we can make incorrect pruning cuts, which is not a good idea. We should not do flush cuts. Flush cuts will remove the breach collar of our trees that attracts pests and insects. Aside from that, a stub cut is a big no when we prune our trees. Heading cuts is not also advisable since it can damage the appearance of our trees. The best to do when we prune our trees is to apply the 3-cut method.? 
  • Another common pruning mistake is using incorrect tools and equipment. In pruning our trees, we should have chainsaws, pruning shears, saws, and loppers. Ensure that the tools are sharp and clean to avoid infections.? 

Benefits of Cleaning your Dryer Vent

Since dryers are responsible for the last step to cleaning your clothes, it probably needs cleaning as well. However, when cleaning your dryer vent, don’t think of it as a necessity alone because it also brings many benefits to the table.

1. Faster Drying

Have you ever tried drying your clothes and was met with a wet bath even after the time has come for it to get dried? If you did, then maybe you have not cleaned your dryer vents properly or regularly. When dryer vents are unclean, a lot of things are stuck in the vent. With this, drying takes more time than usual, and since your clothes are not dried the way it is supposed to, your dryer gets to do more work, making it work more and exposing it too early damage and repair concerns. Clean your dryer vents and ensure faster drying the next time you do laundry.

2. Prolonged Dryer Lifespan

Dryers, washers, and other appliances in your home are significant investments you had to ensure t take because they are necessary to easier daily living. However, when y start neglecting all these, just like neglecting dryer vent cleaning, you are shortening the supposed to be the lifespan of these appliances. One easy way to make sure your dryer lasts longer is through investing in professional cleaning. Stop searching far and wide or browsing the Internet for ‘dryer vent cleaning near me. Click on the website to get the help you need.   

3. Less Electricity Bill

Have you tried all means to cut down your electricity bill but can’t figure out why it is not doing so? Maybe the source of rising in your electricity bill is a clean away. Your dryer vent costumes more energy when unclean. Since there are many things stuck in the vent, the dryer is forced to work harder to perform what it needs to. Since it is forced to perform twice as it usually did, it consumes more energy thus, resulting in more consumption of energy. Clean your dryer vent, and surely, it will bring a huge change to your monthly bills.

4. Less Fire Hazard

There are many fires hazard at home, and you do not want to add to those by not cleaning the dryer vent you use regularly. In the United States, dryers are spotted to be a big contributor to fires. This is often due to the accumulation of lint that can become flammable when exposed to heat which is technically what a dryer does. Without practicing regular dryer vent cleaning, you are exposing yourself to this danger.

Cleaning should be done regularly, and it should not solely focus on cleaning up the clutter. You should also check o other parts of your home which are mostly responsible for helping you clean as these may be the ones who need cleaning the most. These may include your dishwasher, washer, and your dryer.

Invest in more cleaning today and make sure your dryer is on top of that list.